*From Matt: these kinds of more “story-telling” messages are a little more challenging to derive group discussion questions from. That said, there are a few questions here that I think are really significant if we take the time and are willing to dig past surface answers.

Scriptures:  Acts 2:45-47; Matthew 4:19

  1.  Looking at Acts 2:47, Juan Pablo pointed out that people actually “liked” the early Christians. What do you think was appealing/attractive about the early church—even to people who didn’t share their Christian beliefs?
  1.  Talking about the calling of Peter and Andrew in Matthew 4:19, Juan Pablo (hereafter referred to as “JP”) pointed out that Jesus didn’t begin his ministry with the most prepared or educated people. He chose ordinary fisherman. Why did Jesus choose this approach?
  1. Juan Pablo shared a story of going out on a “mission” to help some people who were living in poverty. He describes being unexpectedly humbled by what they shared with him and taught him. Talk about the relationship between humility and any kind of service or outreach to others.
  1. What’s the danger of not having a posture of humility in reaching out to others?
  1. Juan Pablo said your “mission trip” might be overseas or it might be in your neighborhood or home. Have you ever thought about what your “mission” might be?  Share with the group.
  1.  How can you better prepare for this mission?