Matt talked about Jeremiah 17:9. NLT
“the human heart is the deceitful and hard to understand.”

  1. How has your own heart deceived you in the past?
  2. Experience is a good teacher, share a time when you knew God was telling you to make a certain choice and you chose differently? How did that turn out?
  3. Like question 2, experience is a good teacher, share a time when you did choose what God wanted and how that turned Out?
  4. Proverbs 16:2 NLT says, “people may be pure in there own eyes but the Lord examines the heart”. How are you wired to make choices? (God, money, family, time) What influences your choices most?
  5. If you are comfortable enough, talk about the choices you are struggling with right now.
  6. Do you believe God has my best interest at heart?

Matt Carder - June 6, 2021

James pt 1

Listen to part 1 of our summer 2021 series on the book of James. #commonwaychurch #munciechurch #downtownmuncie #nondenominational

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