Summer’s Here and Summer’s Gone

by Gabriele Replogle

Ahhhhh, is it time for

Sleepy summer days

Lazy hammock breezy days

Catching rays and catching waves

Flying flags and big parades

Crickets chirp and birds serenade

Grills are lighted and friendships made


Busy nights, busy days

Busy bees with bills to pay

Holidays and dream vacays

Boredom, doldrums, lemonade

TV, TV, DVD me, catching up on all my streaming

          Nothing to do, nothing to say

          This break is too long the parents complain


Busy bees it’s time to rest

Nowhere to go, nothing to do

Hibernate til summer’s through

Too hot to move, too hot to rest

Summer summer at its best

Sipping drinks and garden flowers

Mowing neighbors wave and talk for hours


Cooler nights and cooler days 

Back to school commercials rave

Get your deals and get them fast

Summer days won’t always last.

Frenzied frantic, almost done

Summer days, and exhausted fun.

Summer’s here and summer’s gone.

Written June 29, 2019

About the Author

Gabriele Replogle is a mother of four, currently working hard at getting her children outdoors to enjoy the sunshine yet still astonished at how messy they get when they do.  She is a wife of 9 years to a free-spirited, bike-riding man, who she is glad to consider her mind-mate and partner in raising these four beautifully strong spirited and sweet children together. 

Gabriele Replogle

Gabriele Replogle

Gabriele Replogle is a frequent contributor to our Commonway blog. She loves to sing, dance, & write in defiance of death and darkness. More of her musings can be found at her website:

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